Announcement of International Fruit Expo 2023
27 Mar. 2023

As we all know, there are two Chinese associations in the fruit industry in China. One is the China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuffs,Native Produce and Animal By Products (CFNA), and the other is China Fruit Marketing Association(CFMA). 


The two organizations have different characteristics based on different origins. CFNA focuses on import and export business. The members of the fruit branch of CFNA basically include the main domestic fruit importers and exporters.

CFMA is more focused on the cultivation and distribution of domestic fruits in the domestic market. The scale of the association is much larger, and its members are spread throughout the country.

In recent years, under the trend of domestic consumption upgrading and supply-side reform, the intersection between the imported fruit industry and the domestic fruit industry has become more and more extensive, resulting a tight bond between the two associations. 


The entry of high-quality fruits from all over the world into the Chinese market not only gives Chinese consumers more choices, but also brings inspiration to the domestic fruit growing industry. At the same time, with more funds and talents entering the field of domestic fruit cultivation, the varieties and quality of domestic fruit have made a qualitative leap. What's more, this qualitative leap is taking place all over the country. The new varieties are dizzying, the boom time for China's fruit industry has arrived.

In order to better serve the whole fruit industry in China, the CFNA and the CFMA agreed to further strengthen and deepen the original cooperation. On the basis of the "China International Fruit Conference", they will jointly hold the Shanghai International Fruit Exhibition and upgrade the Shanghai International Fruit Exhibition. The name of the new expo will be changed to "2023 International Fruit Exhibition" , and will be held from September 1 to 3 in Guangzhou. 


The union of the two fruit organizations will further enhance the industry exchanges and promote the development of the industry.


The decision to hold the event in Guangzhou, on the one hand, is because of its important position in the field of fruit circulation in China, on the other hand, is to facilitate our exhibitor to participate in the Asian Fruit and Vegetable exhibition held in Hong Kong later. Two exhibitions held before and after, will form a "golden week" in the fruit industry.


During the three years of the pandemic, fruit people around the world have not had a chance to meet, and this time we all have to make up for it!

2023, fruit people, see you in Guangzhou!


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