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China Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce And Animal By - Products (CFNA) located in Beijing and founded in 1988, is the largest industry association in the field of food and agricultural products import and export in China. At present, there are more than 6800 member enterprises in China, focusing on the largest and most representative enterprises in the industry and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, representing the overall level and strength of China's food industry and agricultural products industry.

China Fruit Marketing Association (CFMA) was established in 1991. It is a nationwide non-profitable corporation of fruit industry registered under the China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs. The CFMA is voluntarily formed by companies engaged in fruit production, circulation, processing and storage, fruit specialized cooperatives, local associations, research institutes, and other relevant companies serving the fruit industry.

Exhibit Category & Target Visitors

Exhibit Category

▶ Fresh Fruit Products

▶ Edible Fungus 

▶ Inspection & Quarantine Supplier

▶ Harvesting & Sorting Equipment

▶ Packaging

▶ Cold Chain Preservation Technology & Logistics 

▶ Deep-Processing Technology & Equipment

▶ Fresh E-Commerce & Retail Operations

▶ Supporting Services

Target Visitors

▶ Wholesale Traders

▶ Dealer / Agent

▶ Importers & Exporters

▶ Community Group Buying Leader

▶ Local Buyer Groups

▶ Supermarket & Fresh Food E-commerce

▶ Fruit Store

▶ Hotel Catering

▶ Suppliers of Processed Fruit & Vegetable Products 

World Fruit China Market
Show world fruits to the Chinese market

In recent years, China's import fruit market has developed rapidly and has become an important part of international fresh fruit trade. Covid-19 has brought severe challenges to global economic and social development, with the quick reaction and positive resolution taken by China government, China is the first country recover from the Coveid-19 and make a rise of economic. The huge potential of China's fruit market also attracts high-quality fruits from all over the world. SIFE 2021 emerges as the times require, linking "World Supply" with "Chinese Market". 

Enhance the influence in the global fruit trade business

Shanghai, is one of the important ports of entry for imported fruits, accounting for about 25% of the total import of fruits in China. It represents the most advanced consumer demand and the most vigorous consumer market in China. Shanghai also gathers many domestic fruit importers, wholesalers and end customers, perfectly echoing the theme of "World Fruit, China Market".

More efficient and wider Cooperation

Visitors can participate in a variety of supporting activities, including seminars, technical exchanges, brand promotion. To understand the new products and new ideas of the industry at the first time, meet new high-quality suppliers, establish new cooperative relations, collect market information, and look for new business opportunities.

Focus on target buyers

Large Supermarkets, Fresh Food Chains, Fresh Food E-commerce, Wholesale Retailers, Agricultural Market, Wechat Business, Fresh Food Distribution, Hotel, Packaging Company, Equipment Company, Cold Chain Company

Fruit and Vegetable Production and Processing Enterprises, Planting Enterprises, Agricultural Technology Suppliers, Government, Embassies, Associations, Agricultural Colleges, Technology Research Centers, Fruit Media, etc

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