Shanghai Int'l Fruit Expo | World Fruit, China Market
20 Mar. 2021

Shanghai Int'l Fruit Expo

World fruit, China market

After China joined the WTO, more and more fruits have gained access to the Chinese market. And with the continuous growth of national income and the successive entry into force of various free trade agreements, the annual imports of fresh fruits of China from countries around the world continue to grow rapidly.

Fruits from all over the world gave Chinese consumers freedom to choose. Imported fruits are no longer just as a gift, but a must at home. Consumption upgrades are fully demonstrated in the fruit field.

The Chinese market has become an important part of the international fresh fruit trade, and it has attracted the attention of the world because of its huge growth space. China’s fruit distribution companies have also grown rapidly. A new generation of fruit people has traveled all over the world, looking for high-quality fruits for the Chinese market. Overseas fruit people are also closely watching the Chinese market and enjoying the great bonus that the Chinese market brings to them.

In order to better connect the "world supply" with the "Chinese market", the Shanghai International Fruit Fair was born!

The special thing about the Shanghai International Fruit Expo is that it will be the first fruit fair held by the fruit people themselves in China.

The Shanghai International Fruit Expo will be a stage for the world's fruits to be displayed to the Chinese market, and it will also be a grand gathering for fruit people of the world.

See you in Shanghai in 2021!

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